SOUVENIRS: On the Road


How the road inspires us in our style and life:

  1. Abbey Road (iTunes LP):  We grew up listening to The Beathles. We still love to hear to Come together and Here Comes the Sun while travelling.  
  2. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses: We put on these shades, a scarf on our head and drive with no direction like Thelma and Louise!  
  3. Mica Vintage Car:  While a real Beetle car is not a possibility right now, this adorable tin one will go perfect on my bookshelf! 
  4. Etsy iPhone 5 hard case  A good way of taking the road with us all the time! 
  5. Etsy Classic Luggage: It’s indispensable for any trip to have a good pair of suitcases. We’d love to hit the road with this fancy luggage set!

Design: Josefina Luna