MUNDO: A Walk through the Clouds

As a new year starts, the hope of making dreams come true reignite. What can we change and do better, what should we continue doing? How can we change the world… or at least our world? We do our best to take some time and reflect on the year that passed and what we would like to achieve in these next 12 months to come. Many start planning these weeks before the year ends. As travellers, a plane ride is that perfect moment to do this as our sight is focused in the beauty of the landscape from above and liberates us of other distractions.  It’s like walking through the clouds where we immerse into our thoughts.

new year reflectionnew year 2015-2

Every year the same objectives reappear hunting us and reminding us that our passions are still alive. I’m usually a few days late in this process. I quit smoking a 5th of January, a late New Year resolution that I’m still committed to over 5 years later! Seems like it doesn’t hit me until after the 31st of December fireworks explode as an alarm!

Lunainviaggio-Travel-World-Awalkthroughtheclouds-2015- 4

Lunainviaggio-Travel-World-Awalkthroughtheclouds-2015-2This is year has been no different. I just started scribbling my plans and goals a couple days ago while starring at the clouds. Following my friends’ tradition of defining the New Year resolutions in one word, today 5th of January 2015, I decide that I will focus on GIVING from and to my body, mind, soul and heart. What is your word for 2015?

Lunainviaggio-Travel-World-Awalkbytheclouds-lastGiving you our best wishes for this exciting journey! Don’t forget to add to the list a dose of  travel and adventures, with splashes of creativity!
To help you find your word or Mantra for 2015, we recommend taking this quiz ‘Commit to you’ here

Photos and content: Josefina Luna