laundry room

Our countryside home has old and neglected spaces. The laundry room was one of them. It was abandoned 25 years ago, its floors were damaged and even a tree grew from the roof. It was time to give it a ” facelift” and rejuvenate it. With a limited budget , but without limits on the help and company of my sister and my daughter, we made of this process, an adventure! 

before and after laundry room

Our inspiration for the renovation was nature and flowers, that add color and joy to any environment. We painted the facade and openings with the same color as the main house to connect them. Inside, the mural of flowers takes all the attention! 



We search within our antique furnitures and objects which could be reused for this space. We found this old wooden furniture which we painted and skated. We added the vintage touches that characterizes us,  we styled the room with a typical enameled bucket, ceramic soap dish and an antique laundry poster La Buhardilla . Designer touches are also found in the calcareous on the floor.

LIV-Life-Aroundtheroom-Laundry7 LIV-Life-Aroundtheroom-Laundry5 LIV-Life-Aroundtheroom-Laundry6

We hope this post inspires you to renovate the most unnoticed environments in your home. We share useful information on expenditure and requirements for the project below.

 Photos and content: Pilar Luna