CAMPO: A Day in the Country

Lunainviaggio-Travel-Campo-AdayintheCountry-coverAlthough I was born and raised in the city, since I was a little girl I would escape to the countryside where my friends had houses and farms, eager to see how the buildings became smaller and smaller until they were lost in the pure pampas. The contrast between noise and silence, cars and landscapes, gray and green is intoxicating. There is no better feeling than to open the car window on an entry full of eucalyptus trees feeling the fresh citric scent across the face. The turns of life led me move to the country. Today the route is different. Watching a sunset like fire on the horizon, hearing the sweet songs of birds, and feeling the dew in the morning are things I enjoy every day. I relish in depth the details of the crackling noise of floor boards, the dripping rain on tin roofs,  sounds that are so delicate and rustic at the same time. What a privilege to live surrounded by gardens full of wildflowers and grasses beds! Even the toast at breakfast smells different. On vacations or to live every day, in just one day in the country you can enjoy the simplest and most enjoyable things.

Lunainviaggio-Travel-Campo-Adayinthecountry1The rooster crows about 6am and is our best alarm clock. We get up to prepare the healthiest breakfast that can exist: homemade with products of your own garden. Very early, the children collect eggs nested by the chickens, they plant and water the garden, harvest fruits from trees and corn from the field. These tasks would mean hard work for many, but are actually entertaining when you do them with and for pleasure, without pressure and with the right company of family and friends.



The morning continues (yes, mornings are busy in the farm) with two type of activities that can’t be missed out:

  • Art: might be painting in the studio, playing guitar with Gabi (our cousin, nanny, and artist), or helping mom with her projects for Luna in Viaggio Deco. We usually go to the caravan to style it and add new decorative items.
  • Sports / Physical Activity: horses , swimming , games. We move our bodies, walk and even danced. On our favourite things to do is to cycle around the lemon’s courtyard and play hid and seek. We feed oats to the horses, ride them throughout the fields to se we the working farm, from cows to harvesting machines. We splurged for swimming in the water tank if the weather allows.

While in the country, the main ingredient in both activities is Nature, from which we get inspiration and with whom we connect.




At noon it’s time to cook. We prepare food to take to a picnic in the grasslands. We make anything from sandwiches, salads even gnocchi or the banana bread recipe that we posted a few weeks ago here). The “siesta” is a tradition that is not lost. How nice is to fall asleep with the warm sun after a busy morning, in our bed or a hammock on the veranda.


The day ends sharing some good “mates” while we watch the sunset. We always welcome friends and family to visit and stay with us, we love to cook on a disc or grill a typical Argentine barbecue under a tree. Music is live, we sing, play guitar, and enjoy the most starry nights.



Photos and content: Pilar Luna