CAMPO: A Trip to the Past


The antique shops are my passion. It’s an adventure discovering unique pieces, learning from their history and imagining the possibilities they have now. In this post we tour 4 villages in the countryside of Buenos Aires looking for the hidden treasures. We give details of the most authentic and secret places in the area and tips on how to make the most of this trip to the past.



At the km 384 of Route 5 we find Lujan’s store, an antique furniture finder. His space full of objects can be overwhelming at first glance, but there is a lot of value in diving into the world of yesterday. This place offers everything from books, old radios, photo frames, enameled pots, fans, chandelier, wire bottle holders, cookie tins, tables, furniture and more. It includes of course the vintage design classics: the leather trunks and suitcases which transported illusions of anonymous immigrants. These items that in the past had a practical purpose, now can be used with quite different objectives. I bought here a trunk that now I use as coffee table.

Datos: Lujan Tazón– Sobre la Ruta 5, KM 384 Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel: (2396) 611051 



If we continue the ride on Route 5, we will observe a deployment of gates, doors, frames, benches, chairs, pots, carousels, and hammocks. This is La Botica de Tito. It also has a large space inside filled with chairs, tables, and all kinds of objects. It is a very complete place, ideal for those looking for large pieces to recycle, refurbish and reuse.

Datos: La Botica de Tito– Sobre la Ruta 5, KM 364 Pehuajo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina



This city with 40,000 inhabitants is located west of the province of Buenos Aires. It has three well-known antique shops, my favorite is the Galpón de Sergio Crocce. It features furniture, chairs, iron shelves, magazines, vinyl and all types of vessels. Here I found a gas stove, which I will restore as a side table for my children’s bedroom.

Datos: Galpón de Sergio Crocce Bolivar- Avenida Venezuela, San Carlos de Bolivar, Argentina. Tel: (02314) 15610908



Rulo Garcia has one of the most inspiring spaces of this tour. At far sight you would think it’s all junk, but just look closer and you’ll see the amazing amounts of iron stacked one another. I enjoy walking down those narrow corridors observing the different forms of iron, colors and textures. I can imagine thousands of objects to create from these parts. I created clothes racks with a few gears, which will be soon featured in Luna in Viaggio. The wheel rims are great to use for making fire. Here the more you take, the less you pay since they charge for approximately kilo of what you wear.

Datos:Rulo Garcia – Ruta 65 , Entrada a Urdampileta, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tel: (02314) 491550




On your next visit to the dealer, do not forget these 6 aspects

  1. Questions: know the age of furniture or object and if it was recycled or not. 
  2. Connection: how you feel about the piece, do you feel identified with it in appearance and in its history? 
  3. Potential: imagine beyond the looks. We can transform, reuse or style the pieces with other objects or places.
  4. Dimensions of Object: check out the piece in all its dimensions: see if the woods match in their tones and beta, recognize that the patinas have not been retouched, that furniture does not have missing parts and note whether the wood has moth. 
  5. Bargain: do not stay with the first price they offer. The seller always has room saved to negotiate with the client. I try to choose several pieces that I like and work on a better price for the whole lot. 
  6. Perseverance: visit these places often because they always renew their things and be attentive to auctions in your area. It is important to call before making a long journey, to avoid being disappointed if the store is closed. 


Photos and content: Pilar Luna

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