CAMPO: Mobile Home Shop


One of our greatest findings: the caravan. A special person offered it to me and he was our guide in our first steps as crafters. His name is Abel, a countryside man from whom it’s worth learning. Everything he does and finds has one main condiment: love. And love was present in every moment of the caravan’s transformation.


Firstly, we were motivated to buy it to go fishing with the kids, such a great family activity, they loved the idea! As time progressed, we discovered the possibility of converting it into our “mobile home shop”. Little by little, we started building this new home on wheels which became an outlet for us to visit every day finding things to work on or repair, as a daily creative project.




We didn’t have a big budget so we started fixing it with what we could gather from our home and workshop. We decided to paint the walls in white to change the old plain look of the caravan. White is perfect to add light and make it the blank canvas for all the objects we would bring on! Then, we changed the floors to ‘machimbre’. Inspired by geometric figures, we painted the floor with white and black diamond shapes, which incidentally combine very well with the caravan’s new exterior in blue navy. We finalized the color palette with a bit of fun mixing prints in the custom-made awning.


The goal was to give a picturesque touch to the caravan through the decoration, transform the old and used into new and fresh, without loosing the rustic essence. We went on a treasure hunt to antique shops where we found the tiles we added in the kitchen, the wicket gate we transformed into a dining table, the beehive we now use as bookshelves and more.


It took us three months to completely transform and make-up the caravan. We witnessed the sun set daily listening to Tracy Chapman, Squeeze, Jorge Drexler and Mercedes Sosa whispering their gretaest hits and creating the perfect scene while we cleaned and painted. The process was succesful and enjoyable thanks to the friends and family that made their mark with their help and support. Pancho, Cata, Tana, Vicky, Luli, Lore and Loli thank you for being a part of this project. I want to specially highlight the important participation of my little ones in this great adventure that begins…


We are ready now to travel through the neighbor towns to offer and showcase our unique handcrafted objects, our transformations from vintage furniture and the distinctive findings from our travels.


Photos and Content: Pilar Luna


  1. rosario says:

    Queridas Pili y Jose!! que lindo proyecto!!! felicitaciones!!!! Disfruté mucho la transformación del mobile home shop y de esos enanos colaborando jaja. Besos y abrazos

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