CAMPO: Feria Rodante en Pehuajo

Montaje para la Feria LIV en Pehuajo

Our Mobile Pop Up Store: Luna in Viaggio continues to travel the world. Our last destination: Pehuajó. A city located 358km from Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Energised by an early rise and drive during sunrise, we arrived to a little farm area where we deployed our products handmade or carefully curated with love. The space is a traditional argentine land where gauchos passed by through earthy roads, and curious horses came close to watch the caravan. I was accompanied by my friend Anita who also showcased her divine decorative objects Mas que dos.

LIV-Campo-FeriaRodante Pehuajo1.001Caballos en el campo Pehuajo

We were there from 11am to 6p welcoming the neighbours and locals. It was a success not only for sales, but because of the wonderful people we met. People joined us with good vibes, stayed to make “mates” and had a picnic at noon. Some of the products we offered where our children’s hand-painted tents, designed textiles, rugs by  Lucat Diseño Our store is characterized the vintage style, either by recycled antiques or handmade design objects.

LIV-Campo-FeriaRodante-Pehuajo-12Relajado picnic en Pehuajo
Alfombras Lucat Diseno en Feria LIV PehuajoClienta dminrando los productos LIV en PehuajoTomando nota- cuentas claras

Ceramics, soaps, tablecloths, cushions, candle holders, flasks, washi tapes, handles, dishcloths, washcloths, milk jugs, greengrocers drawers, chairs and tables for children , bags for toys, books , vinyl, blackboards, laundry bags, and many more products, all in vintage style.

  • We look forward to seeing you in our next  stop!

Feria Luna in Viaggio en Pehuajo Carmela en la caravana LIV


Photos and content: Pilar Luna