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¡Today is the day! We hitched the trailer to the truck and went out to the road! It’s exciting to travel with the caravan. Like a Holiday! We took photos on the way and celebrate this first trip of Luna in Viaggio, Mobile Pop-Up Store.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (8 of 7)The days had a generous bright light from the sunshine. However, not too hot, which allowed us to fully enjoy the  three days outdoors. We settled the caravan on the grass and deploy all our products. The decoration of the store was inspired on the countryside considering the location of the event at: La Rural. We put together a lounge area with bales surrounded with reeds and a canvas to protect us from the sun. Baskets of dried flowers and zinc vases with flowers we set on the ground. The background were the wonderful vinyls provided by Lucat Designs.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (3 of 1)We displayed the smaller objects over a greengrocer shelf labeled with mini whiteboards. The carpenter table also gave the whole stand a rustic touch.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (5 of 3)There was an exhibition of horses, which attracted a lot of people who later passed by searching for personal and unique products. Other exhibitors where selling everything from styling objects, decorations, crafts, scents, and more. We were the only ones we occupied the premises from outside, the other stands were located inside the sheds. It was nice to share with them this experience, I met wonderful people! Radio 106.1 (Radio Ledesma) interviewed me and the Journal of Bolívar wrote a piece on our story.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (4 of 7)Bestsellers objects were washi tapes which we recommend to decorate doors, drawers, agendas, rooms, as well as wooden ladders for the kids. We also offered glass jars, various bowls and straws, stamps of letters, vinyl chalkboard, baskets and more.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (2 of 1) 0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (7 of 7) 0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (1 of 1)We spent these wonderful days with friends who visited us and with whom we shared mates (te), lemonade, pasta and alfajores, pasta frola cooked by Luci. At night we lit carnival lights, it looked magical.

0LIV-Travel-Campo-MobilePopUpStore (4 of 3)We thank Juani Rillo, who was our best company these days, helping with sales; Pancho, Abel, Caro and Luci who gave us a big hand. Thanks for joining!

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Photos and content: Pilar Luna