CIUDAD: Sculptures by the Sea


There are two places where I love spending my time: the beach and the museums. They seem to be opposite places: one indoors, the other outdoors; one Natural, the other created by Man. Still, in both I connect with myself and feel inspired. The beach gives me peace and energy thanks to the sea and beauty of the infinity. And as well as the museums, my eyes and mind open up to new perceptions and sensations.


Every year in Sydney we have the opportunity to enjoy these two places in one. Sculpture by the sea is a temporary outdoor exhibition that showcases over 100 sculptural works in the coastal walk of Bondi and Tamarama. Visual arts play a very important rol in our lives socially, culturally and spiritually. I went with my friend Vero to be a part of this show, as Anish Kappor well described the Arts: “There’s something imminent in the work, but the circle is only completed by the viewer.” In order to view and “complete the circle” better, we decided to start from Bronte, opposite direction as most people, because the event gathers multitudes.


An honour to start the journey and see the wonderful work of an argentinean artist, Alejandro Propato with his “Permanent Sunrise”.

Andrew Hanken's giant frying pan titled We're Fryin'

Andrew Hanken’s giant frying pan titled We’re Fryin’

The path is impressive with one artwork after another. Some escape our attention, as they are smaller or are closer to the most popular ones.


Glacier depository, Heini Nieminen- Save our souls, Cove Urban- Comenavadrink and Waddayalookinat, Thomas Quayle- Gift of Rhinoceros, Mikaela Castledine- To tak care of, Hannah Strafkel- Windsong, Barclay Bayley- Evidence based research- crossing the line,Julie Collins and Derek John- House of Mirrors, NEON- Stone Baskets, Greger Strahlgren- Thrown, Jane Gillings- Sea Anemone, Rebecca Rose- Breading, Michael Greve- Sisyphus, George Andric- Which way forwards?, Harrie Fasher- Grow, Hidemi Tokutake- Look who, Janaki Lele- Sentinals, Julie Donnelly- Babies, David Černý’s-and more

Art mixes with Nature. I surprised myself (and others) admiring natural sculptures at the same time as artificial ones. This is an iconic walk, not only during the exhibition days, but for the daily natural wonders that it offers. The exhibition is also presented in Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Western Australia and in Aarhus, Denmark. In Sydney every October-November is the ideal time to visit this incredible city and enjoy the sculptures exhibit by the sea.


Photos and content: Josefina Luna