JOYRIDE: Year of the Goat

LanternsNewYear2015It is a pleasure to have more members of our family collaborating at Luna in Viaggio with their knowledge, passions and specialties. This time we asked our aunt Lola Luna, astrologer Casa XI Escuela de Astrología Humanística to tell us about the 2015 Chinese New Year. Art lover and interested in oriental culture, she practices Kung Fu and Chi Kung in school officially in charge of the lion and dragon dances in Argentina.

She informs us that the Chinese New Year, known as Spring Festival, is based on the lunisolar calendar, traditionally used in China. These 15 days of festivities begin with the second new moon of the year and end with Lantern Festival. The celebrations are very cheerful and colorful when people travel from different places of the country to get together with their families and perform various traditions. Among others, they wear red, have good clean of the house, eat together vegetarian meals, throw fireworks and dance the Dance of the Dragon (picture below) to ward off evil spirits and ask the sky for rain.

The Chinese year 4713 begins on February 19th and ends on March 7th. Saying goodbye to the year of the Wooden Horse, it welcomes the Year of the Wooden Goat. The latter is a sacred animal and symbol of motherhood. It is the image of sweetness, joy and curiosity, so it is expected much creative energy, joy and abundance, as well as reconciliation and unity in families. The wood provides renewal energy to life.

In Buenos Aires the festivities were held on February 14th and 15th at Chinatown and Barrancas de Belgrano taking advantage of the weekend to allow more attendance. In Sydney the festival lasts several days with several events including Lunar FeastsThe Lanterns of the Terracotta WarriorsChinese New Year Twilight Parade (Sun 22 Feb 2015) and Dragon Boat Races.


Happy Chinese New Year! Feliz Ańo Nuevo Chino!



Image Source: Danza del Dragón Escuela de Kungfu Choy Lee Fut Argentina en Barrancas de Belgrano Buenos Aires, Argentina febrero de 2015 Foto de Maria Paula Pia ♦ Lanterns: Melike Design ♦ Goat Art: ZenBrush