MUNDO: Hacia el Sur

January is season for Holidays with the family in the South of the World. We used this time to take a few days with the kids and get to know more of Patagonia. We researched which route to take, we set up the truck, filling in it with fishing poles, tent, sleeping bags, handbags , suitcases, clothes, food, “mate”, and lots of music, looking forward to a great experience.




It is a long trip by car, approximately 1200km from our home, but worth every second of it! The landscapes we saw were unique. I love to watch as the plains become plateaus and then become mountains. It is amazing to pass the desert route, which are 350km of arid, dry and soils, without any stops, and then finally find a valley. And so on, lakes and rivers continue to appear.




My great friend and companion, la Negra, invited us to stay at her home in Neuquén, after our first journey of 800km. We had a wonderful time, enjoyed a typical Argentine barbecue with her family. The kids had fun with some giant turtles as pets.




My sister in law invited us to spend a few days at the cottage they rented across from Lake Mascardi in Bariloche. The days were bright and sunny, we were on the water most of the time, whether kayaking, boating or fishing. Pancho loves fly fishing, which is very typical of southern Argentina. We also took a tractor’s wheel and grapsed the serenity of the lake lying in them. The cabin was immersed in a dream landscape with its own beach. We had breakfast overlooking the Mascardi, mountains and roses. On the beach there was a “chulengo” (typical recycling drum for barbecues) where we used to prepare something delicious for lunch. Truchas, loins, provoletas, pizzas were classics on the menu. The days seemed endless, getting dark at ten in the evening. We also used these days to visit great friends as Lula, Gonza and Tatu. Thanks Jose and Nacho for your warm welcome!




We spent a night in a tent at the shore of Lake Manso, highly recommended camping spor for those who like the outdoors adventures. You choose to camp over the lake or the river. We took a ride through the mountains to see the different views of the place.




Tril Tril in Chile is a heavenly place lost in the Chilean mountains, recommended by my friend Luchi. Characteristic for its cliffs, rustic cabins, loose cows, gravel roads, and above all, the great sea of the Pacific Ocean. We met Mike and Isabel, owners of the cottage where we stayed. They build the inn themselves with lots of love and efforts. Some of the charms of this house are it’s candlelight nights (considering there is no electricity), the smoke from the wood oven, the wooden floors and walls, and the magical sound and views of the ocean.


They were unforgettable holidays and we recommend these places to enjoy in summer. In future posts we will give you more tips about these locations, how to get there and where to stay in each specific place. Meanwhile, if you have any questions leave a comment and answer them here. Cheers!

Photos and content: Pilar Luna