MUNDO: Land of Artists

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There’s no wonder why so many artists decided to spend so much of their time in Cadaqués. You can’t help to immediately fall in love with the magic of this lovely fishermen village.

en auto manejando Barcelona- Cadaquesimágenes del viaje Barcelona a Caduques

Located only 2 hours drive from Barcelona, makes it a perfect second home for weekends and summers. Take a road trip and enjoy the beauty of it’s nature and art. We didn’t stay there to sleep,  there are several other villages and places within the Costa Brava where you can also stop and stay for the day or night.

Papa y mama en cadaques Almorzando en cadaques Lindo restaurant en cadaques Detalle de Cadaques Ventana en cadaquesCadaqués has a special place in art history. Salvador Dalí lived for a while at nearby Portlligat. Thanks to Dalí and other luminaries, such as his friend Federico García Lorca, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Marcel Duchamp, Cadaqués pulled in a celebrity crowd and still does. The town is mentioned in the story “Tramontana” by Gabriel García Márquez. Don’t miss a visit to the Salvador Dalí House-Museum and feel the spirit his genius.

Cadaques, donde Dali pasaba sus veranos Casa Dali Barcos en Cadaques Gato en Cadaques Casa Dali

This charming village’s narrow, hilly streets are perfect for wandering. The town combines wind, sea, boats, fishermen, light, rock , and unique calm and surreal sentiment.

Mama y yo en cadaques Atardecer/ sunset en Cadaques Barcos, cadaques Atardecer en Cadaques

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