MUNDO: 8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tulum


As lover of the beach and the sea, I had the privilege of living in Mexico for six years and got to know many amazing places in North, Central and South. It was in this country where I found my paradise on Earth. Just an hour from my home in Cancun, Tulum is my favorite place to relax and be in peace.


  • Its beautiful BEACHES of white sand and soft that generate energy and calm at the same time.


  • The Tulum RUINS full of history, culture and wisdom. This ancient mayan walled city facing the most beautiful sea, was a place of worship to gods, of astrological studies and even served as a beacon for sailors Maya with “El Castillo” (the Castle”)


  • The turquoise SEA which is healing, peaceful and warm. The deep blue water invite to practice watersports and dive into the depth and explore the corals and marine life.

Tulum sea


  • The mystical and sensual JUNGLE. Its lush vegetation connects you with a higher spiritual dimension.


  • The live MUSIC, especially during those times when the light turned off at 10pm . You could go listen an unplugged band at Zamas under the candlelight or improvise a guitar jamming session under the starlights. Today there are more options, also very fun such from electronic music to salsa dancing at La Zebra.


  • The mystical, fresh and deep CENOTES. Open, semi- open and underground or cave. The Mayans believed these wells were means of communication with the gods of the underworld, the abyss that represents a mouth.


  • The NATURE of both the place and the people, that is inspiring. You are encouraged to be yourself, to bare your soul and even your body, to be part of one with the place.


  • The BUNGALOWS on the beach. You can find all inclusive hotels, boutique chic inns and luxurious resorts, but I will always choose the cabins/ huts. Rustic, eco -friendly but comfortable at the same time. All I need is a hammock between palm trees, get out, walk on the sand and immerse myself in its beauty.


And the best of all: the friends and the shared moments
relaxing and having fun in Paradise!


Photos and content: Josefina Luna