MUNDO: Sabor Colombiano


Summer is synonym of fruit, freshness and color! In this season we bring into our tables lots of refreshing and attractive fruits with plenty of flavour. They help us deal with the high temperatures, additionally, they are very healthy, delicious and decorative for the home. Colombia is an ideal place to find the best tropical fruits. We go back in our memories to the trip we made to the old city of Catagena de Indias, where we filled ourselves of tropical flavour!


Situated at north of the country, Cartagena impressed with it’s colonial magic, narrow streets and sunny colourful balconies. History is alive in every corner, but without a doubt one of the details that caught our eye were the beautiful fruit stands that decorate the landscape. You can witness how the simple carriages full of bananas, guayabas, watermelons, maracuyas, pineapples parade and the palenqueras from the Caribbean hold the fruitful jofainas (basins) matching their flamboyant outfits.



Tasting the different fruits of it region is almost mandatory for any traveller, a unique experience that amazes your senses. If you visit the stand at Cerritos, close to the city of Perira, you can find the Paisaje Cultural Cafetero where you can taste the pineapples that they grow. In the caribbean beaches you may eat the coconuts straight from the trees or the traditional “cocadas”. In Bogota the fruit and flowers market: Mercado Paloquemao offers a great insight to the life and manners of the local society that gathers in multitud to explore and discover the pleasure of the natural produces while talking and negootiating, laughing and dancing.


In or trip with Pancho, we wanted to try every fruit in different form. Of course, always fresh, we tried out juices, sweets, appetizers, desserts, requires (sort of caramel). I was fascinated at the addition of avocado in the juices and loved the pineapple ones. They also take the fruit dried, Jose sent us a package to the hotel on Bogota, they are typical Colombian snacks that we highly recommend.


Colombia is like its fruits: colorful, joyful and with lots of flavour! You can see it in the people and weather, the architecture and art, music and dance… in every corner. Its fruits are not only source of vitamins, water and minerals, they also are a source of inspiration for the poets, musicians and sculptors. We filled ourselves with the flavour and freshness of Colombia !


The most well-known fruits in Colombia are pineapple, coconut, banana and passion fruit. However, there variety is much more. We show you some of the best tropical fruits you can find in Colombia, with their Spanish names, you must try them!



Photos and content: Pilar Luna