MUNDO: Santorini in ATV


Santorini is famous for its wonderful sunsets and blue rooftops over the white greek building in the Oia and Fira area. While this is truly breathtaking, there is so much more to explore. With only a couple of days in this fantastic place with my friend and world-traveller companion, Flor, our number one recommendation: rent an ATV and ride around from sunrise to sunset.

Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Map-Santorini1. PERISSA

We woke up early in Perissa and had a succulent English breakfast in the hope that the energy would last all day long! After a few trial and instructions on how to use the ATV, we jumped into the adventure. Santorini’s coast is varied and quirky influenced of the volcanic nature of the island. An impressive and organized beach, Perissa could be filmed in black and white, contrasting the volcanic sand and clear waters.



More black sand and deep blue waters! Vlychada beach is a casual cool beach area full of Tiki-like umbrellas and weird rock formations as background.

2010-10-02 04-29Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-2Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santorini-Vlichadas


We had a refreshment in an awesome café shop, decorated with the characteristic windmills. It was amazing to see the construction, churches, ruins, flora and fauna of the island as we drove in the ATV.

Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-6Lunainviaggio-Trvael-Mundo-Santotini ATV-4Horsecarmela5Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-7


One of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Aegean Sea. It has red volcanic pebbles and hot water making it ideal to spend hours relaxing. We didn’t want to leave this place!!!

2010-10-02 06-12-045.001Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-52010-10-04 23-16-01


We arrived just in time for one of the most spectacular sunset I ever witnessed. We climbed all the way to see the Lighthouse on the southern point of the island. Then we sneaked in a picturesque hotel we saw as we drove by for a coffee and continue to contemplate the Natures’ show. The perfect ending for the perfect day!

2010-10-02 09-11-10Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-11Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-14Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-152010-10-02 09-55Lunainviaggio-Travel-Mundo-Santotini ATV-17



Photos: Josefina Luna