MUNDO: Streets of Tokyo


There’s lots to experience in Tokyo: the delicious food, the bright nights, the kind and quirky people, and so many tourist attractions. However, in this post I will focus on the simplest: its street. Walk with me and discover the charming details of this beautiful city.

LIV-StreetsofTokyo1.001Universal signs.


LIV-StreetsofTokyo10.001Bicycles are everywhere.

LIV-StreetsofTokyo4.001Keeping the city clean.

LIV-StreetsofTokyo11.001LIV-StreetsofTokyo16.001LIV-StreetsofTokyo3.001LIV-StreetsofTokyo15.001The beautiful parks and gardens of Tokyo.

LIV-StreetsofTokyo6.001LIV-StreetsofTokyo8.001 LIV-StreetsofTokyo12.001 LIV-StreetsofTokyo14.001Flowers on the doorsteps of every house. It’s Springtime in Japan! 



Photos and content: Josefina Luna