MUNDO: Finding Peace in Bali


When looking for a place to find yourself and connect with Nature, there’s no place like Ubud, in the middle of Bali. Why not go there with friends to celebrate a new year on your life? That’s what Flor J decided and we were so lucky to be part of this unique trip.


Raw and luscious, Bali is peaceful and vibrant at the same time. There are plenty of options at very reasonable price for Yoga Retreats, and we didn’t get it wrong booking Blooming Lotus Yoga. “Founded by Lily Goncalves, the Blooming Lotus Yoga Schools are sanctuaries of peace, and blissful immersions into the Heart of Yoga. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of classical yoga the retreats and courses offer students from around the world a sacred space in which they may open and awaken to their highest potential”.


We stayed at Ubud Corner 88, in our own private pool villa for us 6 girlfriends (Flor, Flor, Kathy, Tenille, Sophie and me). The space included 2 rooms with bathroom, a huge ensuite with bathtub, an outdoor kitchen and living room.  It overlooked this most magical jungle and temple. We share this 4-day experience with other 10 people from all around the world: Germany, Singapore, USA, etc.


A typical day would be summarised:

7:00 – 8:00 am: Healthy Breakfast

8:30 – 10:15 am: Yoga & Meditation



11:30 – 12:30 pm:  Workshop

1:00 – 3.30 pm: Lunch and day at leisure. One day we walked through the rice fields to get to a wonderful Balinese Restaurant Sari Organik. Another day we stayed around town, admiring the traditional Art and boutique stores. We had a delicious lunch at a Kebun French Bistro. A couple of days, we stayed in our villa meditating, relaxing and just enjoying our fabulous pool and quiet atmosphere. A spa treatment is a must in Bali, great technique to enhance this purifying experience.

baliyogaretreat-ricefields baliyogaretreatsariorganik baliyogaretreat-resto baliyogaretreatjungle

4:00 – 5:45 pm: Yoga & Meditation

6:00 – 9:oo pm: Group Vegetarian Dinner with an optional trip into Ubud. The trip included a traditional Dance performance in a balinese Palace: Legong of Mahabrata Epic

baliyogaretreat-art baliyogaretreat-art2

“The heart of Balinese culture is ceremony — moments spent each day in gratitude, surrender and silent contemplation of our Source. This noble science of ritually giving thanks to Mother Nature and Her forces, as well as the Supreme Consciousness that pervades Her is the essence of Balinese life”.

“How to get the best of the Retreat:

  • Try to maintain a vegetarian diet throughout your retreat
  • Wake up before sunrise
  • Think, speak, and act in ways that are respectful and kind to others
  • Try to wear light colored clothing during practice sessions
  • Approach each moment with the eyes of a child: without expectation or attachment to the results
  • Try to be present in each moment”




Source: Blooming Lotus Yoga ♦ Photos: Josefina Luna