SOUVENIRS: Treasures in a Caravan


Things you can find inLuna in Viaggio’s caravan:

  1. Thai String Lights. Every trip to Thailand we buy these lovely string lights. Ideal to illuminate any corner of the house in a simple and fun way.
  1. Paper & fabric tapes: With these tapes you may wrap notebooks, cover unexpected areas on a door or drawer, or create your own wallpaper. 
  1. Aviator Mobile: This mobile was found among a bunch of dolls in a hidden store in Shanghai. It brought our attention the imaginative idea that children have of flying with their toys. 
  1. Turkish Soaps: Turkey is one of the most amazing countries we’ve been privileged to visit. We brought these soaps in small boxes that illustrate different places of this wonderful country to share with the fans of travel. 
  1. Tipi Tents: Inspired in the games her children played, Pili created this tipi tents as a fun and stylish alternative to enjoy indoors or outdoors, for birthdays and pijama parties or everyday life. 
  1. Painted Basket: We try to put a personal touch to everything we sell in the caravan. In this case, added block colors to the baskets. You can fill them up with vegetables, books, toys, souvenirs, anything you like! 
  1. Chalkboard Wooden Boards: We give a twist to the wooden boards painting them as blackboard to be used as note board. Pili writes her supermarket’s list on them, Jose prefers to use them with motivational quotes! 

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