SOUVENIRS: Wonderful Things


Wonderful things for every room

1. All Modern Hammock for Outdoors: This fantastic rope hammock chair transports us to those afternoons lying by the beach in the Mayan Riviera close to Chichen Itzá. 

2. Anthropologie’s Shower Curtain for Bathroom: The monumental Taj Mahal can be part of your home with this amazing shower curtain! 

3. Typo Notebook for Home Office: We dream of Rio de Janeiro while working with this A4 Campus Notebook. 

4. Houzz Lamp for the Main Bedroom: Tiles and mosaics are all over the churches in Petra. We bring it into the house with this stunning 26″ high table lamp.

5. Zara Home Teapot for Kitchen: China is famous for it’s Great Wall and “Great” Tea. This black iron teapot is perfect to enjoy the chayi, 茶藝 (“Art of Tea”). 

6. Etsy Poster for a Girl’s Room: One of my favorite movies of all time shows the wonderful Colosseum during Audrey Hepburn’s  journey in Rome. Give a new look to the room with this Roman Holiday Minimalist Alternative Movie Print & Poster. 

7. The Citizenry Throw for Living Room: The Citinzenry has become one of our favorite decoration stores, with pieces curated from Argentina, Peru and Uganda. This stylish handwoven peruvian blanket it’s ideal to go over a sofa. 

 Honorary Mention

Urban Outfitters Storage Box for any room:  A modern design piece, the Magical Thinking Pyramid Mirror Box it’s great to display your favorite little things. 


Design: Josefina Luna