STEP BY STEP: How to Make a Good “Mate”

Mate is our great companion on any trip, it’s a good “friend”.  A traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. Strong bitter flavour impresses at first, not always attracting fans, but after a few sips and with the right instructions for preparation, you’ll enjoy it for life!


  • Yerba Mate
  • Mate recipient
  • Metal straw
  • Hot water


Step By Step:

  1. Fill two thirds of the capacity of the recipient with yerba mate. Personally, I choose mates made from pumpkin with wide mouth because the grass/ yerba is not so easily washed out. My favorite dry leaves (and twigs) of the mate plant brands are Cruz de Malta, Rosamonte, Canarias (from Uruguay), Taragui, Nobleza Gaucha, Unión, and La Merced. Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate2
  2. Cover the mouth of the gourd with the palm of your hand, invert and shake several times leaving the grass lying on your side. Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate7
  3. Pour a small amount of cold or warm water in the side with less yerba. Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate8
  4. Place the straw where you poured cold water and add hot water (temperature 70 C and 80 C) little by little. It is important to always be filling with water from the area of the bulb/ straw and very gradually considering not to flood the leavesLunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate3.1
  5. Now …enjoy! By yourself, with friends or family, mate symbolizes union and company. Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate4. Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate5Lunainviaggio-Life-StepbyStep-Mate6

Photos and content: Pilar Luna