CIUDAD: Fly a Hot Air Balloon

Cover for Fly a Hot Air Ballloon Camden

This week I’ll share a little bit of what I’ve been doing in Sydney. While I haven’t travelled overseas this month, I have been up in the air. Together with Vero and Josie we bought a Hot Air Balloon voucher (through Red Balloon) for Flor’s Birthday. Finally, after a few month, she got the courage to take the trip, and, inspired on Pili’s experience in Cappadoccia, I was more than happy to accompany her!

We arrived before sunrise to Rydges Campbelltown from where we met with the team of Balloon Aloft. A short ride to Camden and the adventure begins. Enjoy the flight with us!

Mornign set up of the Hot Air BalloonProcess of how the balloon is inflated- hot air
Snapchat of the inflation of the hot air balloon
full hot air balloon- Balloons Aloft Fire making the hot air balloon fly Up in the air with he hot air balloonBlowing the hot air balloonGoPro photo of the balloon beautiful morning in the hot air balloon Hot Air balloon tent. colourful View from above the hot air balloon Reflection of the hot air balloon in the lake Big BalloonProcess of disarming the hot air balloon Basket of the hot air Balloon


Photos and content: Josefina Luna