MUNDO: Roads – Caminos


Roads are defined as: “a wide way leading from one place to another…” Roads take us to where we want to go and they are as important as our destination.

Travel-Roads-Caminos-1KM-Swiss jump-in the car-crossing bridge

This path can make our journey more enjoyable, fast  and safe. I love loosing myself watching the scenery pass me by, daydreaming while suddenly trying to catch the details that escape due to the velocity of the ride. The road has certainly given us good times! We’ve sang out loud in the car, like Jerry Maguire’s famous “Free falling” scene and waved our arms to the air like the adventurous “Thelma & Louise”! We’ve shared so many stories while drinking mate (tea) with mates (friends). We’ve laughed so hard for silly things, sometimes caused by exhaustion of the trip, sometimes just for that liberating feeling you gain on the road. Boredom has taken us to play like kids,-“veo-veo”- and find the weirdest things around us.

Travel- Roads- caminos-sign

Travel- roads- caminos- map

The road can be of smooth pavement or rocky sand. We find obstacles in these paths, such as bumps, flat tyres, and bad weather, that added to the excitement or created desperation. With these we learn to be patient, improvise, trust in the kindness of strangers. There where times when we’ve lost direction and took the longer way, which inevitably helped us find the wonderful in the mistakes, explore new places and discover the unexpected.

Travel- Roads- Caminos- Tope- MExico

Travel- Roads- Caminos- Bridge- Golf- Orlando

We never know what the road will bring. We hope for the best and go ahead, letting our fears aside.   A road is leading us to a new project this time. We start the engine and head up into the blogging journey, sharing our lives and travels in a way that challenges our creativity and way of communicating with ourselves and the world.

Travel- Roads- Caminos- Campo- Mama- dogs

 Photos and Content: Pilar and Josefina Luna