WEB-SETTERS: links to what inspired us this week


  • In the Kitchen: We tried these fantastic Homemade Cheese Crackers by A Beautiful Mess changing the cheese and handed out in a decorated jar for my friends. They all raved about it!
  • Decoration Ideas:  We love travel and we love to bring this passion into our home decor, that’s why our blog’s slogan is Travel Inspired Life! Chapter Friday show us a great ways to decorate with travel maps on the walls.
  • Fashion Muse: I used to wear heels for work because I was meeting clients and had to show a corporate look. As I’m getting more comfortable in my role and staying in the office for more responsibilities, I’m loving my switch into flats. Carmen from Chronicles of Her inspire us with  the 5 pairs of flats she lives in.
  • Bucket List:  Did you know there’s a “Dancing House” in Prague? Hope to some day be able to experience these free things to do in Prague for Art Lovers that Wanderati recommends.
  • Thinking About:  Life’s too short. Watched a million times, the Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address reminds us that we cannot live one more day without doing what we love. All will work out ok.  La vida es muy corta.  Image


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